Tuesday, January 24, 2017



Perceptive and alert, I focus fully on you,
calming my breathing and studying close.
My eyes reading, simmering, glowing blue,
throwing off the limitations I once chose.

But you shrink back, feeling suddenly dirty,
knowing my vision reaches deep into the marrow.
Your motivations, your journey, unveiled clearly,
as you stand naked, neither villain nor hero.

I listen close to the whispering of my heart.
review the outcomes of my grand intention.
Think deeply over how I felt at the start....
are the mighty principles of love still my mission?

I gaze into your sunset, darling, long into the red,
feeling those rays upon my pale face.
I tell the stars where my path has led,
what I should have learned living in this place.

And its
Only when I reach out to comfort you can I see,
all the truths my heart used to keep.
Only when I love you...will I let my god love me,
only you, darling, can pull me from the deep.

When I focus fully on your beautifully imperfect mind,
can I forgive the faults in myself that I cant abide.
So don't be afraid or ashamed of what I might find...
just know...dearest one,
that you are the light where my heart goes to hide.

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