Monday, January 18, 2016


I shrink back from unsafe eye contact,
Dim the lights, dragon puff, back away.
Precedents were broken, guards cracked,
so I must regroup, decide to stay...

They think Im long gone...unconcerned,
seeing only the illusion of my white gates.
But I am no dragon, immune, unburned,
Nor a knight unaffected by these weights.

Doors and I have a standing agreement,
holding back tides for the keys that bind.
Not for trick, treat, insult or compliment,
but tenderness; warmth, gentle and kind.

Save me from my inescapably honest logic;
crushing nihilism's hopeless infinite defeat.
Suggest hope for the hurt, bruised, lovesick,
reach passed my walls to my child's heartbeat.


  1. Your poems tells me stories of my own.. of things I can't speak out.. as though to tell me I am not alone at this.. keep up the good's like therapy!

  2. Firmly between the worlds as usual , such a gift

  3. Your poems have a wider connect, an interpretation that fits the lives of many... it is a treat reading them...

  4. Doors and I have a standing agreement ~ quite brilliant! You never fail to impress, Michael.

  5. Doors and I have a standing agreement..yes, the doors to different realities or perception. Traveling other dimensions of one self. I see a bit of me...

    I am no dragon, nor knight I think what we will see depends on which door is opened.

    Contemplative write...

  6. Vunerability at its strongest. That is my impression from the poem. Honest, needing for the reader to see their side.Deep.

  7. Deep and pretty at the same time. Bravo!

  8. Oh how I love that poignant opening line...