Monday, November 16, 2015

No Allegiance Here

By frequency and friction, I analyze coldly,
the merit to troublesome connections.
In each interaction- attempts to mold me-
I see the significance of their affections.

Parts to play, speeches to say, words to pray...
Im not interested in these little insincerities.
Like a leaf on the wind, free to visit, not to stay;
share the experience, but keep the keys.

Your concepts of title and registration are foreign,
belonging to the elusive normal majority.
Distanced, cleanly cut, practiced generic grin,
I am but a cog in the wheels of this gray city.

Our world is broken and cant hold up its light,
heart failure humanity, alligator tears, and Judas kisses...
So dont mind if I go quietly into the night,
regrouping, perhaps...
in tomorrow's false promises.


  1. This oozes relationship or relatedness

  2. Rolls so lovely off the tongue and sinks into my heart especially the last stanza. This line, "heart failure humanity, alligator tears, and Judas kisses..." had me chanting "ohhs and ahhhs!" Beautiful creation!

  3. Wow, well put!
    "Our world is broken and cant hold up its light"

  4. The phrases are so well constructed ... this is beautifully done.