Thursday, September 10, 2015

flight risk

I am paused by your quiet, set face,
your presence never lingering for long.
My eyes search out yours, try to keep pace,
confused by your steps, lost in your song.

I am...
barred from a path along your mountain tops,
withheld from rituals, telling, written, little lines.
I am kept generic, impersonal, actors and props,
never close enough to translate your secret signs.

you smile so sweetly, briefly showing a bit more,
momentary lapses in straw brick, mortared stones.
Progressions of conversation, revealing the core;
shadows haunting, dreams blinding, aching bones.

You are...
a terrified, troublesome, frustrating flight risk,
always ready to leave me, should I ever doubt.
And I should know better than to try and fix this,
all I can do is calmly...confidently, assure you...
that you have all my love.


  1. How very beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. Incredibly lovely and loving words.

  3. You have set this up well, with the opposing, "I am..." :You are" stanza beginnings. What is it about our hearts, emotions that choose so seemingly unwisely? I don't know, but you've showed it here beautifully.

  4. very beautiful poem..I loved it... However could not relate this to the picture prompt given except for a word- mountain appearing there.

  5. Lovely words. So very soulful...

  6. How beautifully done Michael! Through whatever faults when it comes to a loved one, these are just diversions, nothing serious. It boils down to giving and forgiving!