Monday, May 11, 2015

Almost Faith

Dust bunnies of the universe,
swept under toe by powerful time.
We gather and breed like a curse,
completely caught in their battle,
of Yours and mine.

Regarded as something of a nuisance,
evidence that life is less elegant than intended.
We hide where the war of truth and consequence,
is neither truly wanted...
nor defended.

Composed from the rust of greater beings,
we feel their heritage echoing in our bones.
Desperate for control we hate their strings,
good or evil, we throw down fire,
first to cast stones.

How I hate to want to be wanted.
How I tear away from needing anyone.
From my knees, I am manipulated, hunted,
easy prey for the cold hearted,
conscience numb.

So I call to the sky from this side of cautious,
never really expecting to be heard.
Hope is expensive and it always seems to cost us,
 But without hope...the night would swallow up
this troubled blackbird.

So Ill wrap my mind in a superficial faith,
never fully believing...

Its understood, to devalue, depress, is safe,
And that to believe in something so good,
that may never be...
is crazy.

My faith

1. There is a God.

Because if there isnt...theres no real hope for us. Somehow I take no solace from the fact that science may one day save humanity. Death cannot be normal. Murder cannot be ok. Suffering cannot be... Something within my spirit revolts against it. If these things truly are normal and God isnt real... I dont want to be here. So out of practicality...Im gonna operate on the premise I find worth while living under.

2. God is Loving, Wise, Powerful, and Just

Because if he isnt...I still dont want to live anywhere in this universe. All four of those things must be present for life to be worth it. At least for me.

3. The Bible is the Inspired instruction from God

Its a book. Written by imperfect men. However, that alone is kinda a saving grace. Its so old. Its the love child of the historians, singers, number sticklers, idealists, prophets, and thinkers. It represents the chronicled thought of some of our oldest ancestors. It has human spirit in it. That and its been the book of God for like ever. Im young, granted, but its words do seem to live by the principle of adding no bad with them. Going against its advice does have good to it. There are such highs that "sin" purchase. But at the cost of some price. The Bible's advice seems to pay off ...ok...and with the distinction of not causing consequences. Not nearly as exciting...but no "pain with it."

Plus it only seems fair that there would be some kind of communication to mankind. Plus Jesus...Theres so much frustrating evidence that he existed. Sighs.

4. Prophecy and Hope

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. We know the words. I find great hope in praying for that kingdom to finally take power here. Most of the Bible seems written for those that lived at that time. Revelation seems more like our book. One by one, scriptures are being to look obviously fulfilled. If Jesus really was enthroned as king of the kingdom of God...I cant wait for him to come and do to the earth what he did while he lived as a man. Cast out the false teachers. Heal the sick. Teach.

Because if these things dont come about...dont happen. What was the point.

5. Im a Jehovah's Witness

They seem to teach the Bible straight up. No funny business. Scripture by scripture, they take it as it is. Im not one to be pushy about religion. Its kinda a personal thing to me, but this is also a personal blog so whatevah. All 6 of you will just have to suffer through my religious spouting right now. if your interested. I find it compelling. each his own.


  1. I came to read, pre-warned by you, that I may read a Bible thumping save the world rant.

    That is not what I read. I read a beautiful poem written from your heart and your mind with research and experience.

    The poem alone spoke for itself and your added points left no doubt we would have much to talk about amicably.

    I especially loved the part where the Bible is a love child...pure poetry!

    May we both see the day goodness, kindness and God walks with us all.

    1. Being able to discuss differing views from a calm and comfortable place is so important to me. Reasonableness is so missing in this world. Thank you for taking the time to see things from this young mans perspective. I am honored.

  2. I think having a faith is a great helper, and does not need explaining... Wonderful and beautiful words.

  3. I think your a good writer and a good bloke ...though i dont share your religious beliefs , i respect them ....
    Great poem , you are like a metaphysical christian !

  4. That first stanza is a unique and cool perspective of humanity.

  5. What a beautiful piece of writing.

    I would rather live my life believing there is a God (and I do) but finding on death that there isn't rather than live my life not believing and on death, finding there is!!

  6. Lovely poem. Faith is a personal thing, but we can strengthen it by sharing. Thanks for sharing yours!

    I was struck by your statement that "Most of the Bible seems written for those that lived at that time." A lot of its sense does depend on understanding the context. There's another book I appreciate as a companion to the Bible. The Book of Mormon supports and clarifies the Bible's truths, and was also written by ancient prophets. But they wrote it specifically for people living now, you and me. You can get a free copy at thislink. I don't want to be pushy, either, but it's a pretty straightforward book, and you sound like someone who would appreciate that.