Sunday, July 10, 2016



Having visited the shores of long sought accomplishments,
I break upon the well earned luxuries of youth.
From meager to more, the high is quick and intense,
filled with the moment's privileges and simple truth.

And I know I should stay, find a stillness in my soul,
back turned to the loneliness of deep open seas...
Back story well written, feet traveled, eyes made full,
and the calm stability of land locked love's ease.

But my hands ache with the swift removal of illusion,
the purpose of my hard journey turning to ash.
My spirit is denied its slow, fabled old age resolution;
and my manic waves build and surge and crash.

I cannot abide the responsibility of self control,
needing only the given choices of uncertain survival.
My skin aches for the claw marks of a demons pull,
my hands ready for the fight, the clarity of one goal.

Do not burden me with the delicacy of happiness,
do not put your heart in my salt callous fingers.
Safer to leave you nostalgic, yearning my mess,
cologne on your pillow, phantom kisses that linger...

Into the uncertain addictions of unsafe waters I go,
careful to leave only beautiful memories behind.
Leaving you with what I had to give, what I know,
and fading into the blue of a broken man's mind.


  1. This is beautifully written and I can feel the pain of the journey. It is real and haunting and makes me cry. The phantom kiss of a broken man's mind. Maybe, it's me, but I can feel the churning sea for what never came to be.

    1. Im not sure if my poem is beautiful compared to this comment. I applaud such an elegant response.