Friday, April 15, 2016

Pangur ban


So little time to understand how it feels
to let go of a life so misunderstood.
Gone... drawn with a knifes sharp command,
splintering the rippled hands of should, would..
and could not.

Oh love of mine; desire of my better self,
be wise and powerful and just...
Silence the burning rope; the burnt out hope,
and bare the weight that heavy love must.

Catch us in your arms and unlock the heart...
so afraid and caged, fractured and aged in the dark.
Lift our eyes to the sun...the deeper blues...
help us to choose choose you.

Weep merciful rain upon the crystalline spheres,
bathing the skyline in your cobalt streaks.
Burn blue fire,  tears of supernova choir,
lighting up our lime lit, desperately dark desire.

See passed our dented bread pan cast;
our genetic insincerity, impersonally personal.
Sail with a rising star light mast, to where I cannot...
and teach them a higher way to be.
Do this love...but don't do it for me.

Better than I could, than I did...
Make them sing, and sigh and shine.
Show them where my answers hid...
show them love's iridescent gray line.

Plant them in the ashes of my soil,
And grow a star to light up the dark...
Without my gold, or my fire, or my oil,
Ignite their souls; win back their hearts.


  1. In every heart there is a song, waiting for birth like that star from ashes of the soul. It longs to burn bright to sing a melody that will drift through time touching all those in need of light. It is the contrast of dark and light in oneself that creates the magic. Perhaps, that is the driving force that brings us closer to that place beyond all expectations.

    Ignite their souls, win back their hearts...create a world filled with love and hope.

    1. Your comments are so rich and fine. I enjoy reading them more than once