Sunday, February 21, 2016



I often wonder at the nature of an immortal inhabiting the existence of flesh.  What does it mean to grasp the founding of the universe? What is it to work out the governing dynamics and pen the physical laws binding this plane? Under the tutelage of a deity, what is that even like? Though...perhaps...from a certain point of view we are all being raised as children by God. The Bible so humbly deems him "father." Interesting to think, mortal or otherwise, we all share that familial bond.

In the stream of time the minor arena we find ourselves in now is temporary and inconsequential. At this very moment, however old Jesus might be, one day there will be those of us that have lived as long as he has now. Tell me...should I be granted citizenship in that kingdom come...will I understand the universe as Christ did when he was here? Will I look up at the heavens and feel the same bond he did with the Father? For all my criticisms and cynical refusals to follow anyone...I am impressed by the simple intuitive way he spoke.

Any man that can stand before governments in respectful opposition, divide principle from shallow tradition, heal the sick, feed the hungry and inspire a love based religion ...commands my allegiance. I will forever be fascinated by the quiet strength of any man who can endure beatings on principle and then carry on.

Bonus thought: if Jesus was Michael the ARCHangel in heaven before he took a new name and came to earth in a new role as Christ, who took his place as the tippy top angel? When Christ was resurrected the Bible calls him a "new creation;" immortal and incorruptible. Demons prove that angels are not immortal. They can be killed, thus proving there is some distinction between angel and immortal. So who's the new archangel? Ole Gabe is the only other angel named...but who knows?


  1. "What is it to work out the governing dynamics and pen the physical laws" ... This is my favorite part.

  2. I heard they're taking applications for tippy top angel! Still haven't filled the position.

  3. Well, I enjoyed your ramblings there is much to contemplate on here. I have recently been contemplating the universe and the divine plan if there is one? How will we ever know the answers to the eternal questions of life.

  4. Interesting thoughts…enjoyed reading them.

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