Thursday, January 28, 2016

Into Sunlight

I like to think she never felt the pain,
never had a tortured moments penance.
But that...
the sunlight coming down in chrysanthemum rain,
lifted her chest in morning melodies...
and consequence.

I like to think...
her last thoughts were of her loving cares,
and the promise of her unfettered future.
For she is free now...
sunlight sojourner with no use for wares,
her spirit is safe and her pathway is pure.

Perhaps he lost sight of her in that moment...
the lightning of her departure so bright;
her last wild dance.
When her time here was at last gently spent,
nobody saw her go in that dawning starlight,
her jump to "white shores and silver glass."

I will miss the person you so richly created,
miss the confidence with which you loved me.
And I only wish...
at that moment when we were separated...
that vision could have been granted me to see,
to have walked with you that morning...
to have hugged you and held your hand...
and said goodbye.


  1. It reads as if her body is gradually lifting upwards, line by line. So sad that you did not have time to say goodbye.

  2. This is beautiful, she found freedom in her fall as her spirit was lifted upward. Into the light she now shines.

    1. PS - I listened to the piano arrangement, heavenly music..a lovely song to start my day :) I feel like I am floating on wings..feather light..

  3. It's late, I am ready to turn in ~~ so glad I returned for another look at Tess' Magpie Tales ~~ your poem is a lovely way to end the day .. sad yet hopeful in tone. I shall sleep well.

  4. it's devastating yet lovely all at once.