Wednesday, January 13, 2016

in that place

I address those times with a smile;
a quiet inward nod to our simple gallantry.
Long before you felt analyzed, on trial,
you were in my heart and away from my body.

We danced in between obligation and desire,
easing the distances with stolen moments.
For we stood equal, someone to admire,
future unclear, thick with addicting suspense. 

You taught me so much in so few years,
exploding upon me triumph and tragedy.
Narrating epics in my dream woven tears,
Prides and Prejudices, youth and mortality.

My soul was singed, concentrated, aged,
fueling my passionate heart into action.
I ran, darling, broken winged, wild, uncaged,
dressing my world in midnight raven fashion.

Now its been some time, hasn't it darling?
And you're still so beautiful to me...truly.
Do they know those flowers' crimson gold meaning?
I do...the one little piece that belongs to me.

I don't expect you to smile any more...
I know what's mine and what is not...
Just meet my heart in that place... before,
we stood naked, separated, and forgot.

Im there...waiting.


  1. What a sad yet eloquent love poem.

  2. Love cannot be smooth all along. Realities often hurt!


  3. Gee, I think I am crying..beautiful words I guess this hit a place somewhere inside...the ending "I'm there waiting"...ugg pulls at the heartstrings it does..