Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Perhaps it was your face when you prayed...
I could feel the peace you found...
But I couldn't hold it any more than I could hold you.

And I wouldnt take it, love, never...
Not your faith, your peace, your joy,
I just want you...

Tell me, darling, that one day,
my love will be grand enough
to hold you in its arms.

Comfort me to know,
that I will calm your mind,
lift your spirit...
that you will want
 just me.


  1. Sometimes we cannot do anything else than hope... Lovely write, and I could feel that there was such hope in the end.

  2. Now that's some strong hoping. Well written.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I love that you saw her in prayer...beautiful write as always...

  4. I read yours after I wrote mine (I, too, saw her praying) and find it superior and beautiful. xo

  5. Prayer brings peace......prayers are answered!