Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stare Down

Good intentions betray me,
play me, the naive little fool.
Making me small, nothing to see;
an overlooked, incapable, gene pool.

And yet, you must meet my gaze,
for I will walk my line of sight,
from my beating heart, mirror maze,
to your chest, lungs, ready for a fight.

Im just a problem to you, a nuisance,
inquiry demanding a response, a reply.
Hair raised, undaunted by an electric fence,
I spy greener grass, beauty beheld in my eye.

Breathe, rise and fall, cool and calm,
superman soaking sun, pushing for a smile.
I hold out my world, ease it into your palm,
and plead the 5th before my judge, jury, trial.


  1. nicely told! There are always two sides to every story!
    And thanks for visiting!

  2. Mysterious and loving.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Your poetry is special ~~~

  4. that was intense ...misterious....lovely!

  5. This is amazing. It took me a couple of reads to really appreciate it, but it was well worth it.

    Rosey Pinkerton's blog

  6. Its always greener over there , isnt it ?

  7. Compelling and thought-provoking......