Monday, May 25, 2015


Tell me darling,
where you've been.
Help me to understand,
why you cant stay...
where you're going
when you go away.

You know,
I see you come and go.
You know my fear, my care,
when you seem so tired,
leaving more out there,
than you bring back here.

I see your confusion,
your aching desperation.
And I want only to hold you,
to calm your restless feet,
your steady beaten retreat.

But I know,
my love is simple and attained.
I cannot grant you the same worth,
the same adrenaline you so need
to kill your doubts away.

For you are wonderful,
and you are bright.
Your eyes fall upon the world,
and your mind tears it apart.
Your heart uncurls itself,
as you present yourself afraid.

And I know,
I cant be the one to save you from this.
Teary eyed you are screaming,
broken without their love.
Because if they love you,
you can love you,
and maybe then me.

I know...
You want to love me.
I know...


  1. Oh how complex is life and love!

  2. Sad but well written.

    Thanks for visiting.