Tuesday, May 19, 2015


By what dark imagining, painful question,
did you divine the future of my palm?
Where did you ponder your moment of creation?
By what bled street, by what unnatural calm?

For in this sickening mortal silence,
has gone the perfection of many an angel.
Hurt, transformed, pushed into slow violence,
chained to mortality, to gravity, to this hell.

What darkness hid in the corners of your mind,
what desires lit your path to the other side?
I  know them,
what you've lost, and what you'll find...
when you walk the roads
to where your answers hide.

And by virtue of my painful sophistication,
you will elevate these pains to prestige.
I, with such evil knowledge, dread education,
will turn the cogs of your mind in a shadow siege.

I will speak in fell languages, caustic to hear,
in speech the innocent cant understand.
With words the untouched wont suffer to bare,
with sounds that bargain less, and demand,

I ask no pity for what I am, have become,
need no hand, nor eye to know my worth.
I am the monster in the night,
unwanted memory, consequential sum, after birth.
I am the dread curiosity, you dare not fight,
the evil questions we had to know.

I am,
because of you.


  1. Strongly, sharply imaginative; well done.

  2. Bravely written , Michael , no light exists without the dark , which only grows more powerful by ignoring it ...you tread the razors edge uncredibly well ... Cheers

  3. Especially like that fifth stanza...beautiful...

  4. I like this one a lot. The language and theme and questions work well together.