Friday, March 6, 2015

All's fair

forgiveness hides from us all, dear,
It leaves me arrogant and it condemns you.
For I am no judge, my waters too are unclear,
equally as soiled, murky, Im nothing new.

Perhaps we both know that, perhaps we don't,
just dont fool yourself with that bath water.
I know your intentions when you cant, won't,
I know, dear, like father like adopted daughter.

You no longer relish the shortness of my breaths,
for you know your body means nothing to me.
The algorithms to your curves, heights, depths,
amount to a mind I will never be able to unsee.

I will not relent my condemnation, my vision,
and maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere.
For I, the untouchable, and you, on God's mission,
have both done unspeakable things... conscience clear.


  1. how come I've just found your work? write beautifully and hit all the emotions.

  2. Michael, this is so well done. rueful and ruthless.

  3. The power in this is scary.