Sunday, January 18, 2015

the dream

It was different then...
we still needed each other.

Nothing was sweeter
than your hand in mine,
your heart beat...
in my own chest.

United by survival,
we triumphed in shared ambitions:
like filling the fridge,
lighting cucumber melon candles...
and doing laundry.

Like little patriots
we declared our creativity,
aspired to the challenges
with elegance and novelty,
pursuing happiness vigorously.

I've never known such a time,
as when we stood eye to eye.
Cant recall smiling more,
than hearing your quiet voice
singing to yourself.

Focused and alive,
kept from boredom,
building a life as your knight;
my lady, my mission, my love.


  1. Sweet. Captured a nice feeling here.

  2. This has a real connection lurking somewhere .....

  3. `We still needed each other` tells me that time and perhaps success, changed things. I like your write.

  4. Highly effective response to the prompt...

  5. Lovely with a touch of bittersweet...

  6. Beautiful. I enjoyed reading this. :)