Sunday, October 5, 2014


Many times Ive tried to leave,
break free from what I do not need.
Hold my tongue till I cant breathe,
and yield my heart to man's greed.

In body or mind, escape is elusive;
my unwilling partner, unruly child.
So Ive made a game dark, reclusive,
to feel alive, unbroken, and wild.

Before the evening is almost upon me,
I creep in secret to my shackling fences.
Once there I defy the barbs, learning fiercely,
Savoring the cuts and their consequences.

This pain will teach me bravery, courage,
will free me from my bloodstained dress.
By treading here at fear's shrapnelled edge,
Ill be sharpened to the cutting of glass,
a phantom of the night, diamond stressed.


  1. Inventive take on the prompt; beautifully written.

  2. Nothing like a bit of ritualised self - mortification to focus the mind of the would be flagellant !
    Mate this is dark and exquisite ...thanks

  3. I enjoy the dark twist of this. Needing to escape and feeling free through pain. Very interesting.

  4. Savoring the cuts...powerful write...

  5. Into the darkness we move.... word by word, a most intriguing write!

  6. The comments you guys write are almost better than the writing itself.

  7. Love the journey you took with this one ... introspection is good.