Sunday, April 12, 2015

I want to hold your hand

Little darling, I live for your smile,
I love the grasp of your petite palms.
Your eyes are new and know no guile,
you sing to me with sweet, soft psalms.

Melody maiden, I feel your heart beat,
I feel the simplicity of your laughter.
You need nothing but tiny shoes on tiny feet,
To bring me along into your ever after.

So take me with you when you take flight,
your mind soaring into castles and creations.
When you walk as dawnbreaker's first light,
caring little for gravity's trivial frustrations.

By the water, I consider my chance at blue,
Take the time to memorize your happy heart.
Ive waited so long to find someone like you,
To look back and know this was the start.

And I will walk with you all my days,
Till time lays its hold over me again.
Ill cherish your cheeks, your little ways,
Ill hold your hand, see where you've been.

And when its time for you to fade into blue,
go with the salted, whispered quiet knowledge.
that it was such a privilege loving you,
that no matter what school, or what college,
takes you away...
you are so loved.


  1. Beautifully written and quite moving.

  2. How very touching. And thanks for the nice comment you left me. :o)

  3. Nice little bit of rhyming going on there. I enjoyed it!

  4. What a beautiful love poem. As I read it I was thinking what very fine marriage vows it would make. Lovely!

  5. Iris Murdoch would have loved this

  6. Romantic and whimsical at the same time. Lovely poem, Michael.

  7. When my daughter went away to college I had to leave the door to her empty room closed...

    1. ahh thank you Tess. Some that understood that it wasnt a love story in the romantic sense.